The SiliDog Story


His name is Bentley, and he needed a better pet tag.
our founders
Meet Mikey & Bentley

SiliDog started with a rescue dog named Bentley in Gainesville, Florida. 

Bentley was abandoned.Thrown from a vehicle on the highway, friends of mine found and saved him. Once I saw Bentley, I knew I had to take him in. 

Bentley was in rough shape. Abused and injured, he would constantly scratch all day (and in the middle of the night) causing his pet tag to jingle and the engravings to fade. 

After many sleepless nights - and wearing through multiple dog tags a month - I set out to create a better pet tag. 

Durable, glow in the dark, and never fades
MADE FROM 100% Silicone

Made out of 100% silicone, SiliDog tags were designed to be durable. They never fade, glow in the dark, and best of all, they're silent with zero jingling. After launching our original prototypes, Bentley and I went door to door in Florida and before we knew it, SiliDog tags were available in over 30 vet offices, pet supply stores, and animal shelters.

As we expanded - we've kept the business in the family. From our first office in my garage, to our second HQ in my parents house, my parents, best friend, grandmother, and of course Bentley are the team behind SiliDog. 

Your purchases support
over 50 Charities

From Shark Tank and pet conventions, to stores around the country, it's been an amazing journey watching SiliDog grow.

Today your purchases help SiliDog provide charitable donations to over 50 organizations that support animal focused charities in animal rescue, cancer research, service men and women, and those in need.

People like you have helped make SiliDog the success it is, and we just want to thank you for being a part of our journey. 

If you know any pet or animal lovers, be sure to share our story with them, and consider grabbing a spare pet tag for yourself, or friends and family.