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Love Peanut's Silidog Tag

Peanut’s Silidog tag is super cute and I love how I don’t have to hear it clanging all day. I always forget about the glow in the dark ability until we go outside and it lights up which is pretty cool. It is also very durable after a few gnaws and easy to clean. Will probably get more varieties soon and highly recommend to other pet owners!

Red Bone
Can’t attach rings to tags

I really want to take a picture of my boys with their SiliDog tags. I am having a very difficult time attaching the rings to the tags. It would be really helpful if you could attach the rings to the tags before they are shipped. If I can ever find a way to attach the rings, I will send pictures.

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Wonderful product

I bought 3 of these silent wonders, and have had no problems. Best thing is they do not rub against other tags and discolor onto dogs fur! Thank you!

Great product

I know I love the tags from here as this is my second time ordering them. I have not received my tag yet, not Silidogs fault, as they printed and sent my tag out very quickly. I have to assume the fault lies in the USPS


I was a little reluctant to purchase the name tag. But I have to say I am very happy that I did. It’s a great size. I love the color. Everyone comments on it. And the most important feature of all is that when he shakes in the middle of the night it is quiet. It has all my information on it also

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Love your product but.......

We have 2 feisty Aussie shepard brothers who will celebrate their first birthday next week.Unfortunatly 1 of them thinks his brother's name tag is a chew toy and has chewed it off 3 times.I love the tags and will continue to replace and stress good manners,but I wish they didn't taste so good.


Brew loves his silidog tag. It's easy to see and fits his personality perfectly.

Best dog tag ever

This dog tag is so awesome and is super cute!! It glows in the dark and is silent when my baby Luna runs! Which she loves to do haha! I was able to fit everything I wanted on the tag and the color is so vibrant! 5 stars for sure!!!

Silent pet tag!

Love this pet tag! Engraving is deep and clear. The silicone is nice and soft and best part is that it’s silent! No more jingling! I also really love the color!

The tags are accurate and attractive. It took an awfully long time to get delivery.

Green Bone

Love the tag!!! Especially when she has her head out the car window - no more noise!!!!

Our Sweet Betsey

Our Betsey sits at the door all day watching neighbors walking their dogs. Believe me she gets several walks a day from her Daddy. Her collars and tags are super important. I’ve studied SiliDog and could’ve more satisfied. We are sooo happy. 🐶

Pet owner

Love the new Tag. Communication was excellent.

The best dog tags

I will never go back to metal tags again as I love the silence from the SiliDog tags. Not only are they silent, the tags are cute and come in a number of shapes and colors. The tags are big enough for all necessary information.

Yellow Tag

Needed to replace the dog tag my one dog lost recently. Went with yellow, which has a slight glow in the dark and it arrived fairly quickly despite the holiday slowdown. Just hoping it is strong enough to not tear where it attaches to her collar. Time will tell. For now, would recommend again.

All my Girls wear SiliDog - The Silent Pet Tag.

Love these tags.

Love it!

Love it! will order another.

Quiet and stylish

Great tag! Is quiet and looks great. Only issue is the connector ring isn’t very strong and the last tag came off and got lost whilst playing. Otherwise it’s stays clean and is overall good quality

Great, until she chewed it :(

The tag was super cute and arrived quickly. The bright color is great to see it from far away. My Luna is only 3 months, so her collar was loose to begin with, add in a low hanging tag that resembles a chew toy and she destroyed it within the first hour of having it. Did I mention it was on her strap on her back?? Should you get this tag? Absolutely. I would wait until your puppy is out of the “I see it, I chew it” phase!

Red Circle
Red Circle

Have ordered twice from this company, the 2nd time ordered the red circle along with the pink heart. First time ordered the purple heart. All are excellent quality, fast shipping. I do not think you will be disappointed in their products. Highly recommend.

Blue Bone
Love Our SilliDog Tags!

Bright, easy to read and SILENT!!!! I am a light sleeper and can now sleep sounder knowing my dogs always have ID on AND it doesn't jingle jangle.

Great tag

Bombón has recently been scared to eat from her bowl because her old metal name tag would clink against it, and she hated that! With the new tag it doesn’t make any noise, so her eating habits are back to normal. Thank you!


These tags are the best. No clinking!

So nice

Love it, it’s cute, real silent and Blu loves it

Love It!

Love this tag, it doesn't make any noise and provides a low glow.

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