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Yellow SillyFace
Megan Nowikowski
Five stars

Such a fun and cute dog tag. Raya loves it!!

Purple Bone
Worth the wait

I love the color and it is so quite and light for the dog to wear. She does not bother with it, so she must not mind it on her neck. I have not seen it in the night. Glad someone told me about them.

Blue Bone
Marjie OBrien

Loves his silidog tag!

Love these tags!!!

Discovered these tags from Whole Dog Journal article (wonderful dog magazine) + simply a great tip!!! Quality + Safe + Quiet :) Ordering more - yeh!!!!

Blue Bone
Susan Bolster
Great tag

The tag has smooth edges and it’s soft, durable and pretty.

Red Bone
Jessie B.

I bought 1 for each of my dogs. I needed something that would be more durable and information wouldn't wear off over time. So far so good!

Blue Bone
Desiree L Mahoney
Great tag

Was very pleased with the 1st tag I ordered. Super fast response and delivery of my tag. Liked it so much, I order a 2nd tag for one of our other dogs.
We've only had them a short time and hope they last a very long time.

Blue Bone
Jenny G.

I ordered this tag for my pet and was a little nervous. Wasn't sure if it would really be silent or not. Purchasing and customizing was easy as heck! I love that Silidog allows you to write more then majority of the other tag companies allow on the actual tag front and back! Shipping was quick I received my tag in just a few days. Once I got the tag I loved it! It is a silent tag so no more jingles on my pup when he is on the bed, off the bed 10 different times at night. Also, ir glows in the dark! Now the glow in the dark feature isn't a very bright glow. So if we were outside in the dark don't think I'd be able to see it. But I can see just enough to not step on my pup it in the bedroom throughout the night. Would recommend if you are looking silent tag. Even if you're not looking for a silent tag and just want to customize a tag still recommend Silidog tags just because they allow you to customize however you want!!!

Great tags

These tags are excellent. Our dogs can be very inconsiderate scratching and shaking in the middle of the night. Since we got these tags they no longer disturb us and we get the peace of mind knowing they are always wearing their tags in case they somehow get loose.

Purple Bone
June Keil-Walker
Small fun and soft

Silidog tags are soft and silent ( wouldn't really know if totally silent , I'm deaf) looks good against Johnny Cash's black fur seems more durable as a plastic then the metal tags for rabies ... these fade over time Silidog tag is still bright and legible

Orange Bone
Laura Rensberry
Silent, readable dog tag

I adopted a dog with hearing issues and a propensity to follow his nose. There was no way I was going to not have a tag on this guy 24/7. This tag makes no noise and is readable from a good distance. I love it.

Red Bone
Mike Vagenos
Best tag

Love this tag light weight no noise. Love that I can place personal message and my contact info on it with no extra cost

Great tag

Love the color and the material used. Huge difference in the noise coming from her collar it’s so quiet now

White Bone
Beverly McMunn ;
Great ID Tag

Love the SiliDog Silent ID tag. No clanging tags and the glow in the dark feature is a bonus.

White Circle
Kiah Stromme
Awesome! Must buy

Easy to navigate personalizing. Great price and came fast. Durable and will last a long time.

Blue Bone
Julie Miller
Love this tag

I have a rescue dog who was teased with a laser light as a puppy and is now very obsessed with shadows and reflections. I was thrilled to see these tags on Chewy when ordering ID items for him and ordered one. Alas, when his microchip tag arrived, ugh, it is the shiniest tag I have ever seen and drives our dog crazy. So, another order has been sent to replicate the chip data onto a silent, non shiny tag. Can’t wait for it to arrive, great product.

White Circle
Repeat Customer

I love these tags. They are quiet, they're noticeable and they're just easy. I've recommended them to multiple friends and family, I've purchased at least 4 myself and I will for sure buy more when necessary.

Literally the only problems I've had with the tags have been US! I made a mistake on one of the tags engraving (this is why you don't buy things when sleep deprived!) and one of them was chewed up. Again, the tags are perfect, but this owner could use a little help :)

TL;DR buy it! They're great

Blue Bone
Cheryl Bland
Fun tags

The tags are very colorful and light weight. They look cute on the dogs’ collars.

Pink Bone
Katherine Kimber
Awesome Tag.

Love the color
Love the material
My Aria loves that she no longer scares herself on her water and food bowls.

Blue Bone
Troy Cheyne
Great product

This is third one we have purchased. One for us and two for friends. Makes a great gift to new dog families.

Purple Circle
Julie O

Long story short ... My Dogs & Tags
Marco - 8 yr Golden who passed away Feb 2022 - had orange and blue one! They are now carried w/me.
Elliot - 3 yr English Creme - has had the same green one for 2 years! AND he plays hard(had to get a different clasp) but hasn't lost or worn.
Freya - 2ish yr old Golden - I rescued her in May 2022 - she has gone through 2 ! but it was the clasp and there were both lost. company asked for my review on purchases, explained i just cant buy another one right now since 2 have been lost. THEY sent me a FREE one for Freya! I love it and so happy. Love the new Clasp. please have these available to purchase. Keep up the good work and service! Julie

Yellow Bone
Randy Lofficier
Love it!

I love Thor: Dog of Thunder’s new tag. And I’ve had many compliments. Here in our rural French village no one has seen anything like it before and my friends have all commented on how cute it is. Keep up the great work.

Blue Bone
Ashley Fuller
Great Dog Tags

I am very happy with the SiliDog tags. I was impressed with the quality. The tags are light weight, which is nice for smaller dogs. It’s nice to not have to worry about the info on the tags wearing off as well.
There was a hiccup with the mail, but I spoke with Helene and she was quick to respond and get everything sorted out for me. I will be recommending these tags to all my friends with pets. Thank you Helene and everyone at SiliDog!

Green Bone
So happy!

We love the new tag!!

Blue Circle Dog Tag

Very happy with my purchase. I love the Silent Pet Tag and it looks great my dog.