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Purple Bone
Christine Donovan
Awesome tags!

These are the best tags I have ever used for my pets! Very durable and the clasp makes it really easy to hook onto their collars.

Blue Bone
Louise Tardif
Great design

This tag is silent and well designed. It attaches securely and the information engraved on it is very clear. Looking forward to see if the engraving will remain clear over time.

Green Bone
Rosalie Ortega
Beautiful tags...

...I love these!! So do the dogs!! They look great in them. Keep up the good work,

Red Bone
Perfect dog tag

My dog was terrified of his collar because of the jingle so we ended up not having anything which I hated just in case he got lost. Once I found out about these tags on Shark Tank it was an immediate order. Now both dogs look stylish and they are comfortable.

Pink Heart
Jillian J
Great quality + quick shipping

Great quality silicone dog tag + quiet. It came very quickly.

Pink Bone
Maryellen Sealey
Best Tags Ever

Both my dogs love their Silipet tags, their durability, silence, brilliant locking feature and crisp engraving. We are constantly recommending Silipet tags.

Purple MiniTag
Kate Housden
Best Pet ID Tags

We all love them !

Pink Bone
Kim P
Four years and going strong.

This was our second order, the only reason we needed a new one was a change in information. Four years later, and the tag still looks great. A very good product and I must admit I do not miss that stupid clinking noise that the tags make. I’d rather hear noises my dog makes. 😊

Orange Bone
Kelly Barry
Great Material

Was excited to try a new style tag vs the old metal that wears out & is noisy. The tag seems great quality. It could be a bit bigger especially for larger dogs. It was hard to get on the collar and has to be placed in just the right place on a hook to sit right.

Just what we needed

The tag is so cute plus we love that it doesn’t make a noise. Our pup loves to roam around in the middle of the night which used to wake us up with his old tag, now we don’t wake up once. Love it!

Purple Bone
Amazing Product

Very good quality and super cute!! Love it! And there is no annoying noise! Buy one!!

Pink Circle
Great as usual

Its our 3rd tag for our oldest Mikko and we love the new attach that comes with the tag. Our future baby water dog Elie will sure love it too. Thanks Silidog :)

Orange Bone
Kimberly Trimpe
Best tag ever!

The tags look great and I love that you can fit so much information onto them! There is such a wide variety of choices , I love that it wears well and is quiet, and it arrived quickly!

Loving the purple!

This is the second dog tag that I’ve purchased and I’m loving the purple colour I chose this time. I also love the new design for attaching the tag to the collar. Will continue to purchase and recommend your tags.

Pink Bone
Nancy Kelley
Super tag

I have your tags for my Bodhi and love that they don’t run off on his cream color - the metal ones leave a gray stain. These are wonderful - and wash nicely with dish soap and water. I like them so much I ordered 2 more for Dinah and Watson - my friend!s dogs. Beautifully made

Orange Bone
Susanna Reynolds
Best tag ever

Love this tag. Finally, I am not awakened by jingles in the night. I am looking forward to seeing how long it lasts, as her other tag had worn smooth and was unreadable. Charlotte is feeling very sporty in her new bling!


This tag is awesome. Very cute, quiet and good quality.

Purple Heart
Christine Alexander
Silidog tags are awesome!!!!

Luv them!

White Bone
Amy J in VA
2nd Purchase

This is my second purchase (two different dogs). Very well made, durable, easy to read and quiet. These tags are great.

Blue Bone
Kim G
Great tag

Great product. Was able to include more than enough information. Very happy with product. Received in a timely manner.

Purple MiniTag
Dorie Valleen

My little girl’s name tag came out beautifully. She’s only 8 lbs but she needed a tag in case she ever got out of the house!

Pink Bone
Esther Herbst

Love the quality , the size, the fact that they are silent and the font is perfect

Red Bone
Hank Van Well
Great product !

Love the product , great quality , only 1small suggestion , lines 2 and 3 on the front are a little hard to read on the smaller tag , but will but for the rest of my pets , LOVE IT , reasonable price as well !

Purple Heart
Livon McGregor
Best tag!!

I purchased 2 tags for my 2 dogs.
They are the best tags!! Quiet and I was having issues with the old tag attachments catching on things. I was afraid of them getting hurt from catching on something. I don’t have to worry about that with these tags. They are safe!!

White Circle
S. Butler
Quite Tag

Nicely made tag, two-sided, easy to read, and makes no noise.